Now you don’t have to waste time, now in our system, your clothes will be dry washed in a smart way every timely and they will be ironed well. First the clothes will be brought from your house then they will be dry washed or ironed according to your requirement and delivered to your house. So book now without wasting any more time and get this service within 30 minutes.

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    ★ ⌛ Please Follow The Rate Charts Here ⌛ ★
    ⬇{Rate : Wash & Irons} ~~~🔛~~~ {Rate : Only Irons}⬇
    Rs.25/- Pant or Suit ================ Rs.12/-
    Rs.25/- Shirt or T-shirt ============== Rs.12/-
    Rs.25/- Ganjee - (Male or Female) ====== Rs.10/-
    Rs.30/- Panjabi or Kurti (Long) ======== Rs.15/-
    Rs.25/- Panjabi or Kurta (Short) ======= Rs.12/-
    Rs.25/- Paijama ( Male or Female ) ===== Rs.12/-
    Rs.35/- Tat Saree Only ============== Rs.18/-
    Rs.45/- Others Saree =============== Rs.25/-
    Rs.40/- Court & Jacket ============== Rs.20/-
    Rs.45/- Bed Cover ================= Rs.26/-
    Rs.20/- Pillow Cover =============== Rs.10/-
    Rs.30/- Chadaar or Dupatta ========== Rs.15/-
    Rs.25/- *Others Shorts Dress ========= Rs.13/-
    Rs.45/- *Others Long Dress ========== Rs.26/-
    Rs.60/- Mosquito Net - ( Wash Only ).

    ✔ ( Please Agree With Tick Mark On Box ) YES.